Genesys is an innovation network that invests in design led technology.

We support early stage projects that have a mass market potential and high positive social, economic or environmental impact. We provide access to a global network, ongoing active management, and access to innovation resources.

Our Stories

In all of our dealings we start with recognition of the many limitations of traditional approaches to getting new ideas to market, and the frustration that causes. We start with the belief that there is a better way to do things. We recognise the difficulty in what innovators do, and have the courage to back them all the way. Because if it was easy to change the world, we would have solved more of the big problems – in healthcare, energy, food and water. We believe it demands a profound respect. For innovators, for the brilliance of their ideas. And for investors for the foresight of their capital. It requires patience, imagination, empathy, humility, persistence and resilience. The work we do is to address the five key challenges of investing in innovation projects.


Why Genesys

What we do

We help innovators make the journey from idea to reality. We support entrepreneurs at every stage from ideation to adoption, by providing money, expert advice, rigorous methods and tools, and rapid access to markets.


How we do it

Our approach helps ventures decide on the best course of action to generate value.
It is philosophy + methodology + software + support.


Where we do it

We are starting with four Genesys hubs – the UK, Finland, Spain and India – adding six more hubs to the Genesys network within two years.


What we do

Our Mission

Improve the success rates of young entrepreneurs. Bring game changing innovations to market. Create sustainable long term employment.

What we do

We work in some of the world’s leading academic institutions and cities to identify potential, both people and ideas.

We help that potential to become reality by providing the most comprehensive venture support system ever devised.Finally we help our ventures to grow fast by providing access to global markets and partners – the Genesys Network.

How we do it

We combine world class expertise and a global infrastructure with a proven methodology. Our programmes create a pipeline of innovative ventures. We use the Time to Value methodology and software to nurture these to success. Time to Value has been developed over ten years, and tested and applied in large and small businesses and the Design London Incubator.

Time to Value is based on the idea that the different courses of action available to entrepreneurs can have differing impacts on the success – and value – of their business. The Time to Value methodology quantifies the value of those actions, sets them within an “operating system” for the venture and thus gives a pathway to commercial success.

All Genesys ventures use Time to Value.

Where we do it

Our reach extends worldwide via the Genesys network of hubs. Each Genesys hub manages ventures locally, and the hubs and ventures connect globally with each other and with the necessary sources of expertise, money and markets, via the Genesys network.

The first hubs are being established in the UK, Finland, Spain and India. The second wave of hubs will be in Australia, China, Korea, the US and South America.

Genesys provides the structure, process and finance for running each hub. The Genesys Fund provides investment into the ventures.

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