Delivering clean drinking water for schools and households in Africa, and educating communities on health and wellbeing and the management of this precious resource.

Clean water is the most cost-effective healthcare intervention and Droplet set out to help little children make a big impact, transforming their health and the prospects for their communities.

Droplet is an award winning innovative UV solar water purification system that harvest rainwater and solar energy through schools infrastructure. It is providing children in sub-Saharan Africa with clean, safe drinking water and transforming the health, wellbeing and economic prospects for communities through easy and local access to clean water, and health education provided through the schools.

The system is already being piloted in 5 schools in Kenya with several thousand children, and the goal is to extend the system to half a million children in the next 3 years. It delivers safe clean water for around 1p a litre, better value, more secure and more efficient than any other available systems. In 2013 it won the Imperial College Business Plan Competition and grant funding from a leading UK NGO.

The solution is delivered in collaboration with UK and Kenyan NGO. It starts with the flat pack which includes solar panel kit, uv lighting and with the help of local partners for all the other components, a school can easily deploy a Droplet unit and get educational programmes about healthcare.

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