A new system for roasting and grinding green coffee beans at home, transforming the supply chain so that local farmers can capture greater value, and consumers can get a better cup of coffee from sources they trust and value.

Ikawa’s vision is to connect the people who grow coffee in developing countries like Burundi with coffee drinkers.

It provides a system that enables both professional and home roast enthusiasts to get fresh green beans, direct from growers, and create their own unique roast and flavours. It transforms not only the taste of the coffee, but the entire supply chain as well as the livelihoods of the growers.

Companies in coffee consuming countries largely own the brand value of coffee. A consequence of this is coffee producers have little power in this system and receive very little of the money that consumers pay for coffee.

IKAWA is enabling an alternative supply chain for speciality coffee, traded outside the commodity system, where each bean is valued for its provenance and flavour characteristics.


This system can create great new opportunities for farmers who produce high quality coffee to sell their produce at a premium, therefore improving their incomes.

Superior and easy to use and programme roasting systems that help coffee traders and roasters buy and sell coffee on the basis of the unique flavour and characteristics of each bean.

Affordable roasters for coffee enthusiasts that makes it easy for coffee producer groups to roast coffee for themselves and improve the quality of their product and create their own unique flavours.

Connecting coffee producers and people with a passion for coffee rewarding the producer with better margins and the enthusiast with a unique coffee experience – easily customised through a smart phone App.

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