KwickScreen is a versatile retractable screen that creates a temporary partition for hospital wards, helping infection control and improving patient privacy and dignity.

It has been specifically designed for the healthcare environment and for use between hospital beds in a ward situation. They can be used as physical barriers between beds, helping infection control and still giving clinical staff visibility of the patient, or as privacy & dignity screens.

StickSafe is a patented needle stick safety tray that delivers two significant benefits to the healthcare environment: reducing the likelihood of needle related injury and significant reduces the cost of sharps waste disposal.

Michael Korn and Denis Anscomb make up the core team.  Michael, inventor of the two products, is an alumni of both Imperial College and Royal College of Art, whilst Denis, Commercial Director, has several years experience in commercialising new products and in building early stage businesses. The team is completed by Isabel Lizardi, who manages administration and operations.

KwickScreen/StickSafe entered the Design London Incubator in early 2011, and have taken residence in their new office space.  They have already attracted significant interest from the medical industry.

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