Metal folding robots and software that delivers low carbon manufacturing processes and transforms the cycle time from CAD to customer.

Transformational low carbon manufacturing processes delivered by metal-folding robots

RoboFold has developed a manufacturing process that uses industrial robots to directly form sheet metal. The system does not require tooling, so shapes can be realised that would not otherwise be feasible.

The technology uses standard industrial robots to directly manipulate sheet material into complex surfaces by folding along curved lines. The process provides the manufacturing sector with increased flexibility to produce small batches, make significant cost savings and create value-added differentiation.

The RoboFold system is controlled by a simple software add-in to enable design, engineering and production planning in familiar CAD software.

Robofold founder, Gregory Epps, is a graduate of the Industrial Design Engineering masters programme jointly run by the RCA and Imperial College. After graduation, Gregory set up RoboFold to commercialise the technology. In 2008, Robofold entered the Design London Incubator as part of its first wave of ventures.

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