A radical reconstruction of the traditional piano keyboard where the player can adapt not only the intensity of each touch but vary the pitch, creating an entire new dimension of music performance.

The Seaboard is a radical reconstruction of the traditional piano keyboard based on a patent-pending interface technology, and has already attracted the interest of leading musicians, composers, and producers. It combines the strengths of the piano keyboard—logical, intuitive, and powerfully orchestral—with revolutionary new simultaneous polyphonic and microtonal functionality.

The core team brings together a wide range of skills, a superb international network, passion for music, business experience, energy, and creativity. Their skills include concept design, product design, product development, prototyping, branding, graphic design, programming sales, marketing, management and administration.

Roland Lamb, an RCA Design Products graduate, brings his design, programming, electronics and prototyping skills to the venture, while Justin Baron, with his extensive experience in the music industry, takes care of sales, marketing, administration, management, teaching, networking, and strategy. Andrew Robertson brings his programming skills to complete the team.

In early 2011, Seaboard successfully entered the Design London Incubator, and has since proved to be a valuable addition to the new Design London Centre at the RCA.

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