A discrete stress relieving garment for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD), allowing people with ASD to manage their stress and live better lives.

‘Smart’ clothing that helps people with Autism deal with their anxiety.

The innovative Squease garment consists of an inflatable deep pressure vest inside a fashionable hooded sweatshirt.
The garment has an inner lining which is worn against the body and can be discreetly inflated by the wearer to apply deep pressure to the upper body. This pressure can help people with sensory processing and sensitivity issues cope better with the stress they face in everyday life.

The Squease team members are all graduates of the Industrial Design Engineering masters programme jointly run by the RCA and Imperial College. Squease benefitted from the Routes to Value process and Innovation Support.

In 2010 Squease won the top award, out of more than 100 entries, in the UK Research Council’s Business Plan Competition, and subsequently ramped up its production capability. It is now a self-sustaining business bringing the Squease solution to global markets.

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